ABout Us

The back story of Alpine is pretty simple; avoid another overnight in the bunk room with a farting, thermostat hogging ski patrol colleague.  Hi, I’m Todd – CEO and founder of Alpine Vans – and I friggen love my van.  This business is about its staff and its customers. 

We are fanatical about everything we do – not just building ski vans.  It shows in the details, like the drying cabinet or a ski rack that drains.  Scroll to meet our team and see some of our shop.

Meet The Team

“I don’t even know how to use tools”

Todd is a software entrepreneur turned van up fitter. He has a wife and two kids and loves MTB, Ski Touring and his dogs and horse ribbit. Todd’s ah ha moment for founding Alpine was in van use to survive “ClOpen” – you know close / open at the ski resort.

Todd Lieberman – Founder

“I’m just a driver”

Jim started his career in the USN servicing F14’s. Once a civilian Jim became a home builder and then a small business owner for more than 20 years. Jim loves all things aviation and tinkering.

Jim Gutekunst – Founder

“Vans are a mix of everything I love”

Initially a home builder Adam moved into teaching and fell in love with CNC, CAD and CAM. We are so stoked to have him on our team. He will be using the company van to “test” systems while attending volleyball tournaments.

Adam Killion

“If you don’t think it’s strong enough, it probably isn’t”

Truer words have never been spoken. Our Mechanical Engineer Jemali keeps us safe and ensures that our 3D scans, CAD designs and math are on point. When not using his metric tape measure he can be found on his trials bike or riding local trails.

Jemali Bezeid

Wood Shop

Alpine’s operates in three teams – installers, fabricators and logistics.  Our wood shop is the nucleus of our fabrication team and manufactures gorgeous live edge counters as well as all the bits that come off the CNC like kitchens, battery boxes and our top seller – laser etched rear doors.

Install shop

Sometimes an installers morning includes cutting huge holes in a brand new van.  Yeah, it’s heavy.  All we can say is…  it gets easier

We strive for zero defects and use production software called Katana to help us stay on track.  We work Monday – Thursday 8-6.  


“Is this factory?”  People can’t believe how well we blend the Mercedes-Benz bits with the Alpine bits.   Our sliding door, control panel and rear doors come together in a lightweight, durable finish that is best in class.