Build Schedule & Reservations

Updated: March 22nd 2022

We stock new all wheel drive Sprinter 144 HR vans so you don’t have to find the “right” one. We build 1.5 vans per month and turn around time is currently 5 months from order.

If you’d like one of our stock vans, contact us to schedule a call where we will dial in a quote. Once the quote is approved we invoice you a NON-REFUNDABLE $5000 reservation fee. Figure a delivered van starts at $115,000 – a well equipped van will come in around $155K ( Flarespace, Vancompass Suspension, Wheels & Tires, Air Conditioning, 2nd Alternator, Roof System ). If you want to add items like electric running boards, custom graphics or purpose built custom features ( like internal fly fishing rod storage ) – figure $175-$225k.

Ten & Twenty year RV financing, plate, title and registration is managed by Dylan’s RV. Delivery available from zip code 19428 at $4/mile ( remote locations might have added fees & fuel surcharges may apply) anywhere in the lower 48.

VehicleColorMSRPBuild SheetAvailability
2021 Sprinter 144 HR 4×4Pebble Gray$61,024W1Y4EBVY3MT076731Available
2021 Sprinter 144 HR 4×4Pebble Gray$61,024W1Y4EBVY2MT075389Available
2021 Sprinter 144 HR 4×4Pebble Gray$61,024W1Y4EBVY1MT077229Available
2021 Sprinter 144 HR 4×4Pebble Gray$60,355W1Y4EBVY3MT059900Available