The only RVIA compliant Adventure Wagon kits are infinitely customizable.  Think of them as the “Swiss Army Knife” of vans. If you want a clean look, modularity and resale value then the Adventure Wagon Kit is a must consider.  These lightweight builds get better MPG than heavy DIY builds.  One of the best reasons to choose an is the accessories market, where bolt-on 3rd party components are plentiful. kits are available in four basic systems.  The Sprinter line in either the 144 or 170 wheelbase or the Ford in the 148 or 148 extended models.   Alpine stocks Sprinter 144 4×4’s in a few colors if you would like us to supply the base van. 

Once you have a van chosen, it’s time to design your kit on  The big decision at this point is to build with Flarespace or not.  After you pick your color scheme we can fill in with components from, &  

The final step is to approve your layout, sign the build contract and invoice your first deposit.  Final payment is due on delivery.  Adventure Wagon kits can be built in as little as three months from order.  Please DO NOT order a kit or other parts online – we manage all the ordering and logistics for you. 

Sometimes the simple solution is the best solution.  



Design your own van at and let our professional install team take care of the build out.


This bed moves up and down as well as comes fully out. Honestly, if you are spending the cash on an ADWagon, this is your bed.

Flatlinevan Galley

This 41" kitchen is designed and engineered to withstand all of the adventures you'll get up to in your new van.



Our base, all Victron, power system includes a 2000 watt inverter w/30Amp shore power, 240 watts solar & DC2DC chargers.